Keeping the faith at Munger Place

Today, the impressive brick church still holds its ground in the same spot it stood when Howard’s mother was married there in 1938 — positioned as close to East Dallas’ shabbiest apartment houses as it is to the mansions of Swiss Avenue.

Greetings in a can

Stop. Don’t send Dad another mindless e-card this Father’s Day. In fact, why send him a card at all when you can send him a quirky can of fun?

Go, go Green Spot

At the corner of Buckner and Northcliff, Alvaro Garza and Bruce Bagelman are offering eco-conscious consumers alternatives to gasoline and junky snacks.

Naming their heroes

Among the nominees (in their words) were: Jesus (savior and such), Robin Williams (just genius), Alan Alda (funny), Aldous Huxley (good books), C.S. Lewis (brilliant and crazy loves Jesus) …