Neighborhood immigrants

These are the stories of some who have left it all behind for a new life here in our neighborhood. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this month, let’s celebrate with some of the immigrants who help make so remarkable.

Tiny tattoo artist, Lilly Hibbs

To date, she has only tattooed seven clients, including both of her parents, but she’s in no real rush. She’ll have plenty of time to practice her potential profession this summer, before she enters the fifth grade.

Delvin and Kelvin Furlough

They’ve been billed as the fastest twins in the state, record-makers sharing a track and a birthday. But for these brothers, the times and the awards are secondary to something else: beating each other.

Q&A: Photographer Kimberly Wylie

A little more than a year ago, the walls of Presbyterian Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were stark — nothing unusual for a hospital setting.

Model T dentist: Mike Neeley

As the vintage roadster navigated through back roads at an unhurried pace, bystanders paused in seeming respect to the Fourth of July-esque spectacle.

Wall of sticks

Most dogs can fetch, sit and stay on command. A few will even shake paws or roll over. Roger Kallenberg’s dog, though, tops them all …

Champion griller Brian Kimberly

It’s any meat-lover’s dream — a day of hors d’oeuvres, Texas summer sun, friendly competition, hundreds of simmering steaks and free smells all day long.

Royal Thai

With a slew of tried and true Asian-themed eateries in our neighborhood, choosing one isn’t easy. But if you listen closely, you’re bound to hear the buzz …

Ask a cop

What special precautions do we take in the White Rock area against drunk driving on holidays such as the Fourth of July? What can we do to make our neighborhood safer?