Battle for Dixon Branch

Ask any number of White Rock-area residents why they made their home here, and they are apt to tell you it has to do with the topography: wildlife-populated parks, foliage, trees, trickling creeks and proximity to the lake …

Honey Brown’s holiday vision

What Brown pulled together was a series of theatrical musical events showcasing an eclectic arrangement of local musicians and artists, and incorporating vignettes and comedic monologues based on her past experiences.

Q&A: Tea server extraordinaire R.W. Nelson

He buzzes from table to table, serving cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream, and fills and refills ornate porcelain cups with loose-leaf tea, explaining each flavor’s intricate nuances as he pours.

White Rock Coffee

White Rock Coffee is the quintessential neighborhood coffee shop. It’s the kind of place people linger a bit with their laptops, and you’re likely to bump into someone you know.

Jacques Pepin’s wine tips

Jacques Pepin is not just another TV chef. He cooked for kings and world leaders while he was chef for three presidents of France; he holds a master’s degree in French literature; and he was director of research and development for Howard Johnson’s when the restaurant chain was one of the most important in the United States.

True Crime: BMW burglary

Kelly Ruhn drives a 26-year-old “classic” BMW 5 series. Despite the faded paint, small dents and plenty of miles, she loves her car for its character and appreciates its steadfastness.

Ask a cop

Q: What types of crimes are we more vulnerable to during the holiday season, and how can we protect ourselves?

Christmas yearnings

But mysteries keep on giving by not giving up everything at once. They keep on calling us to probe more, to yearn more, to want more.

Rethinking gift giving

“The people you are most connected to, the people you most care about, they’ll appreciate it. You just have to find some creative way to do it.”