The guy with the artificial turf lawn in Junius Heights lost his fight with the City Landmark Commission and had to pull up his fake lawn, according to this story.

To prove a point, he says he has no plans to plant real grass, so instead of green turf, his neighbors get to look at the dirt.

And I don’t blame the homeowner, Jose Escobedo, for being miffed about it. He doesn’t keep a pack of anxious dogs behind a chain-link fence. He doesn’t litter his lawn with beer cans and furniture that’s intended for indoors. He probably doesn’t even start up one of those blasted leaf blowers every Saturday morning. He just has really, really green grass. I walk past his house almost every day, and it’s not located on the nicest street in Dallas. It’s an OK neighborhood, and there are some nice houses on the street, but there are a lot of houses on Escobedo’s block that need a lot of work. His home is among the tidiest.

Maybe I’m just tacky (and there probably is an argument for that) but I think an artificial turf lawn is a pretty good idea. It’s always green, which looks a little odd at certain times of the year. But it’s environmentally friendly — you don’t have to water it and you don’t need a lawnmower. Plus, you can buy recycled turf that’s LEED rated.

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