I’m taking the pledge — no more toll road postings until the referendum gets a little closer. I mean it. There are almost four months until the vote, and what we need are quality of comments, not quantity.

This will not be easy. I won’t be able to discuss award-winners like this from plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine. Or this bon mot from Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper. Or this gem of a press release from the pro-toll road side. But I can do it. I’m alert. I have written about 12-step programs. I’m committed.

The problem, of course, is that the people pushing the toll road down our throats are not unlike a dope dealer giving away free samples. They will say or do something so silly — see the above three links — that I’ll jump on it before I realize what I have done. So it’s deep breaths. Yoga poses. Looking for a sponsor. Putting my faith in a higher power.

And no, we’re not going to have a blog contest to see when I crack.

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