Honey-Biscuit is a miracle pup. Just a few months ago, the goldendoodle had surgery after swallowing a pacifier he found in the bottom of a toy box. It wasn’t long before his stitches opened, and his owner had to rush him to the vet for another emergency procedure. “You couldn’t tell now,” owner Darcy Wallace says. “He’s back at 100 percent.” Now the 1-year-old pet loves going on his two daily walks and chasing Wallace’s son, Granger, around the house. Granger got the dog last year for Christmas and dubbed him Honey-Biscuit because of his golden coloring. He goes by HB for short. The pet has two canine siblings, both dachshunds. “He thinks he’s little too,” Wallace says. “He has no idea how big he is.” When the 85-pound dog rides in the car, he has to sit in the front seat so his head can peep through the moonroof. He also tries to sneak into the tub during bath time, but his size makes him an easy target to spot. “I’m like, ‘Nope.’ There’s not room in here for two,” Wallace says.