This is it! Your entries have been tabulated, and we are proud to announce the first annual Advocate Readers’ Taste Awards for outstanding restaurants in our community.

As you recall, we asked for nominations in 12 categories. It was great fun reading your nominations, as well as the personal comments about each.

As we promised, three winners were chosen in a drawing for dining certificates. The lucky winners are Steve Haas and Susi Grissom.

And, without further delay, the Advocate Readers’ Taste Award winners are…

Expensive Night Out
St. Martin’s Wine Bistro 3020 Greenville, 826-0940.
“St. Martin’s has a comfortable feel to it, and the food is outstanding,” one patron said. Fanki’s Lil’ Europe was the runner-up, with the White Swan and Terelli’s receiving honorable mention.

Neighborhood Bar
Co-winners were Louie’s, 1839 Henderson, 826-0505, and Dodie’s Seafood, 2129 Greenville, 821-8890.
“I don’t go to bars,” many of you responded.

Dining Without Leaving Your Car
Keller’s Drive-In, 6537 Northwest Highway.
“It’s always the people-watching I enjoy the most,” was one comment. “Keller’s: What else?” was another.

Dining With The Kids
Dixie House, 6400 Gaston, 826-2412.
Dixie House won this category hands-down. “It has consistently good food, good service, good prices. Reliable,” one happy patron said.

Angelo’s Spaghetti House, 6341 La Vista, 823-5566.
This newcomer won the category: “It is good, basic Italian food, cheerfully served,” said one nomination. Terelli’s and Mangia tied for second place.

Matt’s Rancho Martinez, 6312 La Vista, 823-5566.
Matt’s was mentioned by nearly every respondent. “It’s the best Mexican food that I’ve ever eaten,” one patron said.

Health Food
Bluebonnet Cafe, 2218 Greenville, 828-0052.
“The food is good, and you feel very self-righteous about eating it,” one customer declared. Phil’s came in second in this category.

Fast Food
Jack in the Box, 6408 Gaston, 823-3881 was the most frequently cited of the chain’s locations. Henderson’s Fried Chicken took second place. People had interesting choices for fast food. Some denied eating any fast food, one person chose La Madelaine, and another Jason’s Deli.

Campisi’s Egyptian Restaurant, 5610 Mockingbird, 827-0355.
With so many pizza places, the votes were split on this category. Windsor’s and Scalini’s tied for second place.

Snuffer’s, 3626 Greenville, 826-6580.
This was another category that yielded a variety of responses; everyone had an opinion. Others receiving votes were the Green Elephant, Theo’s and Milo’s.

Flip’s Wine Bar and Trattoria, 1520 Greenville, 824-9944.
Flip’s is just so much fun,” one respondent said. The White Swan was a close second in this category; Cafe Brazil received an honorable mention.

General China, 1920 Skillman, 827-3368.
General China won by an overwhelming number of votes. One comment said it all: “Incredible, chow-down buffet.” Snow Pea was the runner-up in this category, while Han-Chu received honorable mention.

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