Jessica Lopez is brewing a Halloween-themed wedding with her boo this October at Edison’s in the Cedars. The haunting holiday is the couple’s favorite, but it also has spiritual significance as part of the Day of the Dead celebration, which starts Oct. 31 and ends Nov. 2.

“Halloween has a special place in my heart because of my culture,” Lopez says. “It is basically when we are the closest to our relatives who have passed. We always wished they’d be here for our wedding.”

The couple plans to mix traditional, spiritual elements associated with Day of the Dead with the more commercial parts of Halloween. The bridal cake will be topped with skeletons and decorated with marigolds — the Day of the Dead flower that guides spirits to their altars with a strong scent and vibrant color — while the groom’s cake will depict the mask of Jason from “Friday the 13th.”

“I want to make it festive, but it’s also a wedding,” Lopez says. “I’m not going to throw fake blood anywhere.”

The bride-to-be is making her own centerpieces out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, which she covers with black spray paint to create a dripping-candle effect. Thick spider webs will surround the base, and glowing red candles will be lit at the top. The use of fall colors, such as burgundy, dark red and black, will add to the gothic atmosphere.

Other decorations include lanterns, manzanita tree branches with hanging votive candles and plenty of decorative skulls.

The pair, who met on in 2014, are asking guests to wear themed masks and costumes.