Neighbors often talk on social media about hearing gunshots.

Though it sounds like there may be some suspicious activities happening near us, that may not be the case.

In the last crime report from the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association, we’re told that our ears can play tricks on us because of the way sound waves travel.

Darren Dattalo, who’s on the LGNA crime watch, said he even has heard shots recently. And he thought they were coming from Lakewood Heights or somewhere east of his home. But when he looked into the situation, he discovered the shots were coming from a place near S. Beacon Street and Columbia Avenue.

It makes sense. Neighbors heard Mick Jagger when the Rolling Stones came to the Cotton Bowl several weeks ago.

Dattalo also mentioned that sounds are intensified in winter. Trees lose their leaves, which often help deaden the noise.

But there’s still some actions neighbors should take if they hear gunshots. Report any shots heard to 911, and mention where you were when you heard them. The police can map out these incidents, and it helps them identify the location of the shooting.