UPDATE (Nov. 13; 9:45 p.m.)

Neighbors greeted neighbors at the Dallas Arboretum Tuesday night, some wearing green stickers and some wearing red, white and blue stickers. They weren’t there for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony but for the Texas Department of Transportation presentation on the State Highway 78 intersection known as 3G (Gaston-Garland-Grand).

It was standing room only, and after all the hugging, it was difficult to know which neighbor stood for what.

A TX DOT representative presented a slideshow reviewing the fact that five options, plus a “do-nothing” option, had been shown to the public over time. Neighbors were then invited to speak within a three-minute time limit; among the speakers were City Council members Mark Clayton and Philip Kingston.

The bottom line after hours of discussion:

  • The formerly proposed map (known as Option #2) is still TX DOT’s recommendation.
  • Kingston hinted at a proposed tweak.
  • The estimated total project cost is $9.4 million.
  • Construction is expected to be completed by 2021.
  • Public comment period ends Nov. 28.

Kingston called the crowd “one of the smartest and engaged group of people I’ve ever seen.” He said he and Clayton have been working on an alternative together. “It’s a very minor change to Option 2. I think Mark and I working together with TX Dot will create something that everyone will be happy with.”

Clayton added, “Our goal is to make it so people aren’t afraid of going through the intersection.”

If you missed the meeting, you can send your comments to lani-marshall@txdot.gov  or michelle.raglon@txdot.gov.

Previous news (Monday, Nov. 12):

You’ve seen the red, white and blue signs when you drive down Gaston Road: “Say no on Option #2 for Garland/Gaston.” The issue wasn’t on the election ballot, but neighbors can voice their opinions Tuesday, Nov. 13, at the Dallas Arboretum’s Rosine Hall, 8525 Garland Road. Open house is 6 to 7 p.m. The formal hearing begins at 7 p.m.

What’s the issue? The Garland Road/East Grand Avenue at Gaston Avenue (G-G-G) intersection improvements. The intersection is one of the most confusing in Dallas with no one knowing whom to yield to.

Representatives of the Texas Department  of Transportation have proposed a plan to better the intersection, but some neighbors on Gaston have objected to the plan, fearing it will direct increased traffic near their homes. They prefer a plan that would direct traffic to Interstate 30 and not through their neighborhood. Members of the Lakewood Citizens for Responsible Traffic LCRFT want TxDOT to consider an option for the intersection that more closely resembles a traditional T-intersection. Their hope is to maintain Gaston traffic from southbound Garland at current levels. They believe the preferred Option 2, a “Reverse T,” would further overload Gaston Avenue.

Some who live in Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills and Highland on the Creek believe “The say no to option #2” leaders want to restrict their access to restaurants, stores and events in the Lakewood area.

Many just want construction and improvements to begin without further delay.


The newly proposed Garland-Grand-Gaston intersection. (Courtesy of TxDOT)

The initial proposed Garland-Grand-Gaston intersection map. (Courtesy of TxDOT)

Map by TxDOT.

East Dallas Coalition of Neighborhood’s “T” design.

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