I missed this story the first time around (July 2007), but apparently the East Dallas man who hoarded frozen cats is back in the news: This time, the Morning News reports he was busted Monday at a Motel 6 in Plano in a room filled with 21 cats, apparently all living but violating the hotel’s occupancy policy.

It looks like the guy, Ron Teague, has a long history of trouble with animal control officers and has, among other things, led officers on a televised high-speed chase in July 2007 when he was first arrested for what he described as an attempt to get a sick cat to the vet. It looks like an attempt to rescue too many animals that eventually went awry.

Anyway, the DMN has a series of reports on the topic (click either of the above links and look for an "also online" box on the right side of the story), and columnist James Ragland has a couple of stories about the issue, too.

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