I was trying to get through the summer without addressing this pesky subject, but it looks like the flea problem is bigger than all of us.

What every pet owner needs to remember is that one treatment probably won’t be enough, and you’ll need to treat not only your pet, but also everything with which he comes in contact.

Flea control must be practiced throughout the animal’s environment – outdoors, indoors and on its body.

Yards usually are treated with sprays, powders or granules; often, you’ll need to treat a yard every two weeks to prevent re-infestation. Diazinon, malathion and sevin are among the popular yard-treatment products.

Your home’s interior also should be treated. How do you know if treatment is warranted? If your pet is scratching, you probably have fleas inside the house.

Foggers are valuable for hard-to-reach areas, but a professional exterminator can be an excellent investment. And if your pet sleeps indoors, make sure his bedding is cleaned and treated.

As for your pet, the most popular treatments are shampoos, dips, sprays and dusts. When using a product on your animal, follow the product’s directions exactly. Application frequency should coincide with yard and home-interior treatments.

Check with your veterinarian or pet-product retailer for the latest flea-controlling products – and then hope for cold weather.

Did You Know?

The SPCA of Texas received more than 2,000 animals in both June and July. On July 3 alone, 137 people brought unwanted animals to the SPCA shelter – and the shelter only holds 150 animals at one time.

Please have your pet spayed or neutered.

Pet Parade Scheduled

The Third Annual Pet Parade, benefiting the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, begins Aug. 22 at Glencoe Park (Glencoe and Martel), heads toward Greenville Avenue, and then loops back to the park.

Floats of all types are welcome on the 1.5-mile parade route – just remember to stick with an “animal” theme. Judging will include pet look-alikes and country-star look-alikes. Music, food, pet adoptions, dog washes and dog obedience demonstrations also are scheduled.

Festivities begin at 8 a.m.; entry fee is $5 prior to parade day and $7 on parade day. Float entries are $10 prior to parade day and $15 on parade day. Registration forms are available at the SPCA, 362 S. Industrial, and Canine Commissary.

Critters & Chrysanthemums

The SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Arboretum host the third annual “Critters & Chrysanthemums Goes Country” Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. at the DeGolyer Estate.

Tickets are $30 each. For information, contact the SPCA at 651-9611 or the Dallas Arboretum at 327-8263.

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