A man wearing nothing more than teracotta-tinted body paint exposed himself to two women jogging the Katy trail this morning around 11. The woman quoted in this NBC 5 piece seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole incident, though police spokeswoman Janice Crowther says, this is "not funny. Not funny at all." (Aw come on Crowther, the guy was so spraypainted she thought he was a statue until he moved — it’s KIND-A funny!)

All this happened in broad daylight and despite the 150 new light poles that line the 3.5 mile trail. (You see where I’m going with this White Rock Lake users?) Yes … tonight, between putting the print magazines to bed and attending parent teacher conferences, I dropped by Winfrey point for a sneak peek at the trail lighting project. I even got some video … stand by. More to come …

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