When neighbors think of Lakewood moms, they probably think of homecoming parades, the PTA, Mi Cocina and yoga pants. But not this mama.

In 2010, Advocate wrote about Dara O’Bannon, who was “the queen of the roller derby” at Dad’s Broadway Skateland in Mesquite. This self-described “cheerful sadomasochist” takes joy in others pain, though she has suffered plenty of pain herself in the brutal sport. The neighborhood mom once broke her leg in 11 places at a practice, and it required 17 screws and two metal plates to put her leg back together.

O’Bannon, whose her pink hair and tattoos put her right at home at a roller derby match, was part of the aptly-named Assassination City Roller Derby League, which now meets at Thunderbird Roller Rink in Plano. Read the entire story here.