Drive along Williamson Road and through Lakewood Park on a Sunday and you might see him. He’s out there every other Sunday watering the trees.

You see, Kevin Petters was tired of looking at utility lines; he decided that trees would be make a nicer pathway to BlueFair Lake. So in November of 1998, he planted some oak trees. Thirty-eight oak trees as a matter of fact. The Lakewood Homeowners provided the funds to purchase the trees and Petters got them in the ground.

“It all creates an atmosphere,” he says. “That row of trees is incredible as you go along Williamson — especially when the leaves are changing colors.”

Not long after he planted the trees, Petters made another purchase. Along with the rustling of leaves, he thought some quacking would be nice. These sound effects are supplied by eight Rouen ducks he supplied, ducks similar to the American mallard. Petters had the ducks flown from California when they were only one-day old and they’ve lived in the community year round ever since. As they have gotten older, the ducks have moved around more, expanding their territory.

“I feel like a parent. I’ve raised them and now they’ve begun to leave,” he says. “I fed them every day and protected them from the raccoons. They usually still come to our yard every morning. But lately, not as much as usual.”

His enthusiasm for the neighborhood hasn’t gone un-noticed. One of his friends also decided to give nature a hand in the neighborhood. Kurt Kretsinger recently planted 95 trees along Mockingbird Lane — from White Rock to Abrams. City Councilman Mary Poss heard of Kevin’s efforts and got involved as well.

“Mary Poss is right behind anyone who wants to do something to make the area better. She makes it a lot easier to do things,” he says.

So what’s next? Trees … ducks … . Hey, where are the bluebonnets? Yes, Petters has now decided to plant wildflowers and natural grasses along Williamson Road.

“It’s a lot easier to improve the community when you have people helping,” he hints.

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