Over the past several months, a mysterious artist transformed empty payphone shells around the neighborhood into colorful flower arrangements or “phlowerphones”. From solid color arrangements to a seasonal Valentine’s Day heart, these relics from the pre-cell phone era also make great flower frames.

Two new arrangements recently popped up in the area. At Capitol and Fitzhugh, a shopping center’s empty pay phone is now adorned with purple flowers and a very springy bouquet is freshening up the payphone in front of Talulah and Hess at Live Oak and Skillman.

Matt Howerton from WFAA caught wind of these arrangements and featured them in a segment on the WFAA news last night. He talks to employees at Talulah and Hess and Strangeways on Fitzhugh, who appreciated the beauty but were unaware of the artist.

The phlowerphone artist remains at large.

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