I met author Mike Looney at the Exchange Club of East Dallas lunch today, and he told me about his new book, The Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of Höfen.

When Looney’s dad, George Looney, died in 1996, his family discovered a journal. In it, the elder Looney had written, “Höfen, Germany. My brightest star. I helped save the day.”

Although his family never knew, George Looney had fought at the Battle of the Bulge and saved men’s lives. He never took credit for it, and he never talked about it. Mike Looney never even knew his father fought at the Battle of the Bulge.

He spent years researching the battle and his father’s role in it, and his book on the subject was published earlier this year.

Veteran’s Day is a week away, and our November Advocate tells the stories of World War II veterans. This book about an East Dallas veteran would be a good read as well.

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