Dustin Marshall beat Nancy Rodriguez in a runoff election Tuesday for the District 2 school board seat.

Final results show Marshall captured 5,651 votes to Rodriguez’s 2,947.

Rodriguez narrowly led Marshall in the Nov. 3 general election, but she did not earn 50 percent of the vote and could, therefore, not be declared the winner.

This is the third time Marshall has won a runoff election.

“I am deeply grateful for your vote, and I take the responsibility that you’ve bestowed upon me very seriously,” Marshall said in a statement Wednesday. “I promise to continue to put the interests of all students first in my decision making.

“I also want to congratulate Nancy Rodriguez on a hard-fought campaign. She made a very gracious call last night, and I told her that I look forward to working with her to advance student outcomes. Voters who voted for Nancy, I hear you loud and clear, and I understand that you were eager for change in this election. While we may not agree on every policy, I want you to know that I am eager to be a strong representative for you too.”
Rodriguez will continue to serve as Marshall’s appointee to the Special Education Advisory Committee, he said.