Chipotle _ walls

The new Chipotle on the northwest corner of Abrams-Richmond now has walls, although it’s still hard to tell exactly what it’ll look like when it’s all said and done.

I’d like to be able to tell you I’ve gotten all the dirty details from Chipotle about what it’ll look like and when we can expect it to be finished, but Chipotle seems to be pretty confused about the location — which honestly has been more amusing than annoying, I think.

Originally Rick Wamre got the official word about Chipotle coming to Lakewood by emailing customer service. Since it worked for him, I thought I’d try fishing for an update from Chipotle via the customer service hotline as well. Lo and behold, someone actually replied, but the answer wasn’t at all what I expected:

“Thanks for writing. We don’t have any immediate plans for Lakewood, but hopefully we can get there soon!”

Chipotle _ signUmm, wha…? So the Chipotle sign out front that boldly states “burritofication in progress,” tagged with the Chipotle logo and accompanied by the address sign (Chipotle 2201 Abrams Rd.), that’s just an illusion? Man, I really need to get my eyes checked.

I thought maybe I’d confused the customer service gal. After all, Lakewood is a very common name for towns/neighborhoods. People are always confusing us with Lakewood, Colorado. But I checked, and my original emails specifically says Lakewood/East Dallas at the Abrams and Richmond intersection.

I asked if she could re-check, just to be sure, and she replied back promptly with, “Yes, I checked and we don’t have any immediate plans.”

Well OK then. Not sure what that means. I thought maybe it was just me, but then Rick said he ran into similar trouble while making a second inquiry about the site.

At any rate, we’re pretty sure there’s some sort of “burritofication” happening at Richmond and Abrams, although it seems it’s going to take a little while for Chipotle to figure that out.

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