I was driving along Lake Highlands Drive when I saw one of those red and white Rezoning Request signs — the origin of many a neighborhood battle — on a patch of grass just south of R.T. Hill Middle School (sorta between Old Lake Highlands and Lochwood in District 9).

Despite the fact that I had two minutes to get my kids to school — I made a quick (legal) U Turn to write down the reference number (see how dedicated I am to getting information to our readers?).

I noticed the request was to rezone the 1.95-acre residential (R-7.5) land to town home property (TH-2). From my experience in Lake Highlands I know folks get flustered when you try to increase density, so I called the City and learned what I could from Olga Torres-Holyoak in Development: The proposed rezoning would allow no more than 10 town homes in the spot and would allow a height of 36 feet. Thomas Welker filed the request and has listed land use planning consultants Baldwin Associates as the representative. (I’m putting a call in to them and will keep you posted on any findings.) The case is set to go to the City Plan Commission June 19.

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