Raine Devries comes from a long line of people who own their own companies.

“We like the environment,” she says. That’s why she took the plunge in 1996, leaving behind a media relations position with Warner and using her savings to start Mistral Design Group. Mistral, located on Lower Greenville, is a full-service Internet design and hosting company specializing in Internet sites with full interactivity.

Mistral has designed sites on a pro bono basis for the USA Film Festival and the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association. Other clients include Zubar, Café Izmar and Magdalena Cigar Company.

Devries chose this specialty for her first business because “it’s a new industry and highly creative” The choice has proven a successful one.

“So many elements to starting a business – that usually are a challenge – fell together so easily.”

Someday, I’m determined to:
Own a Concorde

If I could change one thing about myself, I would:
Have a touch more patience

My greatest asset is:
My business partner, Michael Owens

I’ve never understood why everyone was so crazy about:
“E.T.,” the movie

Most people don’t know I:
Don’t watch/own a TV

The last book I read was:
“When Christ and His Saints Slept”

My definition of “success” is:
My mother

I wish President Clinton would:

I never had enough time to:

The hardest part of running a business is:
Finding good sales reps

If I won the lottery, I would:
It would depend on the amount won!

The best advice I ever received was:
Go for it

People I admire are:
my mother, grandfather, Michael

I love what I do because:
It’s mine. I don’t like working for others

Life is too short to:

My advice to anyone trying to start a business is:
Refrain from getting into heavy debt

By the end of the year, I hope to have:
my own house

I’m not afraid to:
Say what I think

If I could meet any famous person it would be:

Businesses succeed when:
There is little/no debt and goals are met

I always procrastinate about:
Having my hair cut

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