It’s hard to imagine Texas Red Chili that doesn’t contain a lick of meat would be a hit anywhere in Texas, but apparently Dallasites were primed for chef Graham Dodds’ experimentation — although he’s admittedly a little surprised himself at its success. The appetizer, which is made from beets and served with cashew crema (instead of sour cream) and quinoa crackers, started as temporary special when Wayward Sons opened on Greenville Avenue in December, but it has since become a staple at the restaurant and one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. “I’ve been talking about taking it off the menu because it’s getting warmer, but I’m getting pushback about taking it off,” he says. Go figure. That fits perfectly with Dodds’ overall focus for Wayward Sons. The popular Dallas chef made a name for himself with his “farm to table” mentality at Bolsa then Hibiscus, and he aims to make Wayward Sons the next level of that food trend. “I wanted to be more vegetable focused here,” Dodds explains. “There has been a shift in the way people are eating. They’re eating lighter and healthier, more vegetable-centered. That has been the national trend, and I think Dallas is catching onto that. I want it to be friendly for vegetarians, vegans and people who are gluten free.”

Wayward Sons
3525 Greenville

Dressy casual

Price range:

Sun-Wed 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Thurs-Sat 11 a.m.-12 a.m.

Did you know? Wayward Sons grows some of its own ingredients in big planters on the back patio.

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