If microwaveable meals are your culinary forte, or if you’re a seasoned sous chef, chances are the Milestone Culinary Arts Center has a cooking class for you. The school offers classes for all experience levels in just about every cuisine. “I always recommend that everyone start off with our 12-week essential series,” says executive director and chef Sharon Van Meter. “It covers all the cooking basics and gives people a chance to see what types of cooking they’re interested in.” The center teaches curriculum  from the Viking Cooking School, which includes several themed classes-Date Night allows you and your honey to cook a romantic dinner for two; Girls Night Out offers gal pals a chance to cut loose over a bottle of wine and make a yummy meal in the process. Specialty classes teach how to roll sushi, decorate a cake, pair wines and cheeses, grill a mean steak, or cook a healthy food that actually tastes good. Several of the classes also are paired with dance lessons, so you can learn how to barbecue a brisket and two-step like a pro, or make tapas and pick up some salsa moves. Most classes take three to five hours and cost about $60-$130- plus you get to eat everything you cook. Cooking class schedules and prices are available online at milestoneculinary.com.

Milestone Culinary Arts Center and Viking Cooking School

4531 McKinney



Vary with class schedules

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