Trey, not a dangerous dog Our July issue is devoted to pets and the people who love them, and in it we’re helping you understand Dallas’ regulations that affect your pets.  We explain registration requirements and pet limits, and rules dealing with tethering, intact animals, roadside pet sales and much more.  We also talk about one of the least understood regulations – the one dealing with dangerous dogs. 

By definition a dog that growls, snarls, and barks while protecting his home or yard isn’t a dangerous dog; he’s just doing what dogs do. But one that causes serious injury to a person or another pet is another story.  There are currently 21 dogs in the City of Dallas that have been deemed dangerous but allowed to remain in the city, as long as the owners comply with a stringent set of rules.  Dallas Animal Services explains in detail the requirements for owners of dangerous dogs and publishes a map showing locations of those dogs deemed dangerous.

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