Much news in the past couple of weeks that will affect how you water your lawns — if not this summer, then for many summers in the future.

After the jump, details, including the federal court decision that ended the city’s plans to build an East Texas reservoir.

• Dallas will not be allowed to build the proposed Fastrill reservoir, which officials say is crucial to the city’s long-range water needs. On March 14, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that said the land the city wants to use for the reservoir should be used for a federal wildlife refuge. This all but kills plans for Lake Fastrill, though the city remains adamant that the world will come to end if Fastrill isn’t built.

• One possible alternative is Oklahoma water. Several federal lawsuits have challenged the constitutionality of an Oklahoma law that forbids the state’s cities from selling its water outside of Oklahoma. Tarrant County and Irving both want to buy Oklahoma water. Of course, even if a court overturns the Oklahoma law, there’s no guarantee the water will even end up here, since a pipeline would need to be built to deliver it.

• And this, from San Diego, which is in the middle of a drought that has lasted much of this decade: Most single- and multi-family homes in San Diego will have to cut their outdoor water use by 45 percent and their indoor water use by 5 percent starting July 1. The typical homeowner is looking at a 27 percent reduction. Which means, for all practical purposes, no watering the lawn.

• And because all water posts should mention conservation, the city’s conservation site is called Save Dallas Water.

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