Crossing the finish line after running more than 30 miles seems like a joyous occasion itself for any athlete. But one White Rock area woman had an additional reason to celebrate Sunday after completing the BMW Dallas Ultra Marathon.

Shaheen Sattar had just finished the 50-kilometer ultra marathon in 3:59:46 and achieved her goal of breaking the four-hour mark when she saw two race officials holding a banner that said, “Baby, will you marry me?” according to the Dallas Morning News.

Sattar’s longtime boyfriend, Steve Henderson, was down on one knee a few yards away and asked the 34-year-old Bryan Adams High School graduate to marry him. The answer was a wholehearted “yes.”

The proposal brought the couple’s relationship full circle after they met at the event in 2009 and started dating two years later, the Morning News reported. Since then, they’ve run two more Dallas Marathons together.

At this year’s event, the 55-year-old Henderson finished the marathon first in his age group with a time of 3:03:26. Sattar — an elite runner who has competed in ultra marathons across the country, came in second in her event.

“I had no clue,” Sattar told the Morning News about the proposal. “I knew he’s the kind of person where it’s going to be a surprise… I didn’t expect it to be in a race. I thought it would be something more like a vacation or something.

“But doing it in a race, doing something both of us love, is just perfect.”

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