Results are in on a district-wide Dallas ISD survey, taken by more than 10,000 employees, teachers and staff alike. The numbers DISD posted seem pretty high, with about three-quarters of respondents feeling positively about their working environment in many cases. Here are some percentages, taken from the website:

  • 86% of staff members who chose to participate in the survey agree that their campuses base their actions on the district’s core beliefs.
  • 75% of those who took the survey believe that the key actions that their school is working on this year are focused on what is best for students.
  • 71% of the staff believe their school is headed in the right direction.
  • 70% of staff believe that they work in an environment of support and respect.
  • 69% of staff agree that campus leadership helps them improve the quality of instruction.
  • 71% believe they have the support they need from campus leadership to do their job well.
  • 59% of teachers said they have sufficient opportunities and encouragement to develop their leadership potential.

Of course if you reverse this to find areas the district can improve on, you find that 30 percent of survey takers do not think they work in a supportive and respectful environment, and that 31 percent do not think they are given enough opportunities and encouragement to develop their leadership potential, to take two of the more extreme percentages.

“While the results from this initial survey are encouraging, we cannot and will not ignore that there are still real concerns as well as variances from campus to campus,” says superintendent Mike Miles on the website. “One of the areas for improvement includes how discipline is enforced and whether it is consistent and effective at each campus. Nevertheless, to have such a high percentage of positive responses on this initial survey is a strong first step toward reaching the goals in Destination 2020.”

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