A mother who resides in the Lochwood neighborhood is accused of knifing her toddler. The crime occurred on Marchant Circle near the Lochwood Library. Click for larger map.

The 32-year-old woman accused of cutting her 1-year old daughter’s throat Monday is an East Dallas resident and an SMU graduate with honors, according to this WFAA report.

The little girl underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

The report, the most thorough one I’ve seen since hearing of this yesterday, notes that the accused Danielle Busby “…taught and tutored math at Dallas ISD, is fluent in Spanish, and performed missionary work in Africa and Central America …”, to name a few, but she had years ago been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and had been hospitalized several times for the mental illness.

Concerned family members told reporters they had called police, fearing for Busby’s child’s safety, on more than one occasion, most recently last week.


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