When we interviewed film director Clay Liford for the February Advocate, he had just learned that his feature film "Earthling" had been accepted to a major film festival, but the festival wouldn’t allow him to announce it at that time. Liford, who lives in Exposition Park and has a studio in Oak Cliff, just announced that the film, which is a science fiction flick about a woman in her 30s who is dealing with infertility, will be showcased at SXSW in March.

Here is a link to a trailer for "Earthling."

One of the film’s stars is Peter Greene, who played Zed in "Pulp Fiction".  Liford told us that a trick directors use in low-budget films is to hire one well-known actor for a day or two and shoot as many scenes as they can while they have him or her. So Greene’s scenes in "Earthling" were shot back-to-back.

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