The city’s Office of Cultural Affairs has slowed its roll on evicting White Rock Lake Museum from the Bath House Cultural Center after it became clear the appropriate parties weren’t consulted on the decision. Instead of a 60-day notice to vacate, the city offered the museum a lease, giving them time to address criticism that the historic lake display has grown “stale.”

“We came to an agreement of reconciliation and compromise by addressing the [Office of Cultural Affairs] wish to have the museum updated and agreed to put a lease agreement in place through December 2018 with the understanding the White Rock Lake Museum can stay intact as it was originally designed while a interpretive plan for White Rock Lake is developed,” the board said in a written statement. 

The board was not notified of the city’s desire to use the museum space for additional gallery exhibits, until an eviction notice arrived on Feb. 3. The issue was debated during a recent White Rock Lake Task Force meeting, where most agreed the city had failed in communicating with the museum, which was built in 2003-04 by neighbors from $200,000 in donor dollars and sweat equity.

During the task force meeting, the board was open to the idea of changing up the museum, but wanted the city to guarantee them the time needed to come up with an appropriate plan. After all parties finally sat down this week to clear the air, the city agreed to their request in the form of a 18-month lease.

Editor’s Note: Advocate Media president Rick Wamre is a member of the White Rock Lake Museum board of directors, along with Michael Jung, Kurt Kretsinger and Jeannie Terilli.

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