Michael MacNaughton, an appointed member of DISD’s Citizens Budget Review Committee, used an earlier BackTalk blog post to point out a website the committee has set up to let people see what the committee is seeing in terms of DISD documents, plans and ideas for cutting the district’s budget.

It’s worth taking a look, if you have some time, because there are some interesting documents there for those who like to burrow into the details (look for the Documents tab on the website, and click on the links that seem interesting).

For those looking for a little breezier reading, check out this document on the committee’s website, which details comments received from citizens, employees and anyone else with an idea about cutting DISD’s budget. Some of the comments are no surprise: Cut Supt. Michael Hinojosa’s salary, cut administrators, eliminate sports. Others are about what you also expect from parents with blinders on: Save the great programs at my child’s school even at the expense of other schools.

But there are plenty of gems in the comments, from big ideas such as consolidating some schools to save money, to smaller ideas such as allowing parents’ groups to have more control over concessions at DISD sporting facilities to better operate the offerings and to help raise money to offset the cuts.

For better or worse, there are some people out there offering up ideas to help solve the problem instead of just sitting around complaining. Thanks to MacNaughton for pointing out the link to the committee’s website.

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