If it was against the law to use a cellphone while driving through a school zone, would you hang up or would you flaunt the law and get ready to go postal if pulled over by the police? Cities throughout the country are talking about laws like this, but most haven’t done anything about it. Our neighbor to the west, Highland Park, is getting ready to step out and vote on just such a bill, banning drivers from using cellphones while passing through any Highland Park school zone. The Morning News story on the issue talks to the usual suspects, kids and parents, and elicits the usual responses, approval and concern, so it appears as if this prospective law has a good chance of being approved by the city council. (Presumably, the more dangerous "texting-while-driving" would also fall victim to this new law; hope the lawyers word it correctly.) This might be a more valid city policy to pursue in Dallas than, say, worrying about whose pants are dragging the pavement.

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