Sweet Endings

Fresh ground coffees, pies of every description, and the unmistakable smell of flour, sugar and eggs baking in a glorious concoction somewhere in the back.

Dessert wines

The wine often sits in a in a corner of the store in a small, funny-looking bottle. But that doesn’t mean the contents aren’t worth exploring.

Nuevo Leon is the original Mexican food

You will find dishes with familiar-sounding names, to be sure, but expect to be pleasantly surprised by the difference in the flavorings.

Tex-Mex friendly wines

Most people don’t think about it, but there are some intriguing — and inexpensive — wines that complement enchiladas, fajitas, and the like.

Liberty Noodles

The restaurant is so-named for the changing political climate in Asia, but also for the changes that it is bringing to the food world in Texas.

Panda Garden

Just two months old, they serve traditional dishes with a couple of added attractions.

Pho Kim’s Vietnamese flavor

When Hai Le arrived in the United States at the age of 20, he brought with him many memories of the restaurant his mother had in Vietnam for almost three decades.

The Blue Fish

The menu in this sleek, pleasant spot is more along the lines of cutting-edge Asian fusion.

Two Sisters Catering

If proprietor Connie Chantilis hadn’t set out tables and chairs in her sunny, charming establishment, one would simply have to race outside and scarf down food on the curb.

Champagne and sparkling wines

Forget all that foolishness about how difficult it is going to be to find sparkling wine and Champagne for New Year’s Eve.

Kelly Hardy’s teapot collection

Hardy’s grandmother made tea every day in the brown and cream English ironstone pitcher, the one painted with colonial scenes that had belonged to her mother before her.

La Calle Docé

Neighborhood fans of coastal Mexican cuisine have been urging friends to meet them at La Calle Docé, which translates into “12thStreet” — the original site of the restaurant.