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Kids these days

Throughout May, commencement speakers everywhere beseech young graduates to embrace opportunity as they step into a bright future. Each graduate has a story about…

Family frameworks

A father’s long-ago gift to his daughters still impresses

Shot through the heart

As the schmaltziest holiday approaches, these couples give love a good name

Do East Dallas like a tourist

We challenge you, our neighbors, to be tourists in your own backyard. Start by tackling this list of neighborhood musts.

2012 Holiday gift guide

Gifts for friends and loved ones might be even closer — and better yet, made locally. We found a few crafty neighbors who are hard at work this holiday season.

Something special in the air

Remembering a unique era in air travel, when it was all glitz, glamour and questionable practices

Go Long!

New digs aren’t all J.L. Long has to show off. The school also has drastically improved its test scores, hired a new crew of teachers and adopted a new logo and brand.

The State Fair of Texas Contestants

Competitions at the State Fair are aplenty. Among the arts and crafts contests: painting, sketching, needlepoint and Lego architecture.

Face it — we’re hip

  That explains the resurgence of the breakfast joint No matter how hard I tried to convince George Sanchez that his restaurant and his…

“Aww”-inspiring pets

The Advocate this year received an unprecedented amount of entries into the annual Best Pet contest. Check out the neighborhood animals we love.

Good sport

Whether you’re looking for improved physical fitness, healthy competition, camaraderie or pure silliness, there’s a sport for you. You just might not know it exists.