Contributing blogger Norman Alston recently wrote about the electric car known as the GEM. In fact there’s been pretty extensive conversation here at Back Talk regarding so-called Smart Cars and electric cars as our neighborhood and the world struggle with gas prices and/or environmental concerns.

From what I’ve read, here and elsewhere, seems the GEM is funny looking and often draws unwanted attention either from irritated drivers of bigger faster vehicles, or amused passersby who hurl snarky remarks at operators of the tiny cart car that tops off at about 25 mph. But what if, somehow the GEM became cool … what then?

Young people drive the market for many purveyors of modern technology —so if teenagers start clamoring for GEMS and similar electric cars, will the miniscule motor vehicle become the trend of the near automotive future? Kids aren’t crazy over these cars yet, but at least one teenager, Kiley Trent, a junior at Lakehill, hopes they will be someday soon. See Kiley in this video here—she’s just awesome.

The video of Kiley came attached to a story about Lakewood businessman, Dennis Wheeler, who plans to open a new business devoted exclusively to selling all-electric vehicles. From his comments it’s evident he believes the cars will sell … a lot faster than they run, anyway.