Laura Dean, class of ’86, has been named Director of Reunions for the Southern Methodist University Alumni Association.

After working in Washington, D.C., Laura returned to Dallas to work for the Dallas Opera, where fundraising was orchestrated for many years by Mary Brinegar, ’65. Mary is now heading up the Dallas Arboretum. I wonder if was her persuasiveness or Wildcat camaraderie that prompted Trammell Crow, ’33, to make his recent multi-million dollar donation? He also is developing a new luxury apartment complex next door, on the lake. Laura previously worked at the Dallas Head Injury Association and the Diana Dean Head Injury Guild, a cause ardently supported by many Lakewood residents. Diana, ’83, suffered a head injury in a traffic accident in Galveston (Laura was also injured) and died 10 years later. Their late father, Tom Dean, was a Lakewood lawyer and co-founder of the Friends of Woodrow.

As an SMU alum, I’d love to see her coordinate a Mustang/Wildcat all-class reunion, with proceeds going for scholarships for current ‘cats to move to the hilltop to be ponies.

I hope you all have found your Woodrow Wilson alumni directory helpful and entertaining. It was put together by many, but without Bradley Sue LaPon Howell, ’51, librarian at Woodrow, it wouldn’t have happened.

Perusing this book, I learned that the chairman of Pappas Restaurants (even bigger in Houston than here) is none other than Pete H. Pappas, class of ’37. Also, there is another Kyle Rains, class of ’41, address unconfirmed. Does anyone know him? Maybe I did have a previous life as a Wildcat and a bombardier on a B-17 during WWII.

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