Snuffer's PhotoSince the demolition of the Snuffer’s on Greenville (watch the video HERE), people have wanted to know what will happen to the Snuffer’s ghost. Pat Snuffer says that is the No. 1 question people ask him about the project. “Someone actually asked me, ‘Is the ghost going to be there, too?’” He says laughing. “How am I supposed to know this? Come on.”

Well, seeing as that’s the pressing question (and, OK, because I’m curious about it myself), I got ahold of Alan King with the Dallas Area Paranormal Society to pick his brain a bit.

King says members of the Dallas Area Paranormal Society visited the Snuffer’s on Greenville in September after they heard several accounts of spirited activity in the restaurant, particularly in what was the back area. He says Snuffer’s staff and customers reported strange happenings such as objects moving or levitating, voices, footsteps and other noises, and dramatic changes in temperature. Some people have even seen apparations, or “shadow figures” as King called them, hanging out around the restaurant.

Snuffer's2There are several versions of the ghost story, one claims the haunting is the result of a stabbing back when the building was a biker bar. Another claims Snuffer’s sits on what was once a children’s cemetery, and the voices of the children can be heard late at night. The spirit, or spirits, seem to be friendly enough, King says. At least, he’s never heard of it being hostile. But, friendly or not, will it stick around now that the building is gone?

King says it depends on what the spirit(s) is haunting. If it’s haunting the building, then probably not. If it’s haunting the ground, then we might see our ghostly friend again. If it’s haunting a piece of furniture or object, then it’ll depend on whether or not said object makes it into the new building.

If it is haunting the ground, we might begin to hear about curious things happening at the construction site, King says. So keep your eyes peeled!

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