Just left the NorthPark AMC after watching the latest Bruce Willis action movie, Live Free or Die Hard. It was 130 minutes of preposterous plot and action, countless moments of violence, constant swearing, even some brief and gratuitous full-clothed suggestive sex, and there’s absolutely no way that any one man could sustain the kicks, slaps, punches, whacks and shots that Willis sustains and keeps walking.

Having said all of that, it’s worth the admission price. If you liked the first two Die Hard movies (that is, if you were old enough to have even heard of them), I think you’ll find this one to be pretty entertaining. It’s definitely not politically correct, though, and the one mini-sex scene (a guy is thrown out at first base) might be a little hard to explain to a youngster sitting next to you, as would be the laughs that accompany the many bad guys’ deaths. But if you’re looking for a little mindless fun and want to get out of the rain, check it out.

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