In a time of uncertain school funding and high school athletic programs that are already pared to the proverbial bone, Woodrow Wilson alumnus Greg Hill (class of 1967) came up with an idea two years ago to raise funds for the athletic programs at J.L. Long Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School.

Soon thereafter, the first Tim Brown/Woodrow Wilson Golf Tournament was held at Lakewood Country Club and by all accounts it was a major success.

Last year’s tournament raised $22,000 for the athletic programs under the guidance of the Woodrow Wilson Booster Club and with the help of Tim Brown, a 1983 graduate of Woodrow Wilson and Heisman Trophy winner in 1987.

This year’s event was even more successful.

The second annual tournament, held at the end of April, raised $31,000 for the cash-strapped athletic departments.

It’s incredible how the community has gotten behind this tournament in just two years,” said Brown, an avid golfer who shoots in the mid-80s. “We have so many people interested this year that we could have had another tournament with the people that we had to turn away.”

Brown, who plans to bring more of his football-playing friends next year, plans to expand the scope even further to include such organizations as the Boys Club and the YMCA. Still, it’s the Woodrow graduates and the booster club that provide the backbone of the tournament.

The tournament committee signed up more than 50 Patron, Gold, Bronze, and Hole Sponsors. Large cash donations from Lakewood Country Club and Cornell Oil were part of the $31,000 cleared after expenses. In addition, there were 18 individual hole prizes and a grand prize of $10,000 for a hole-in-one, which unfortunately went unclaimed.

The team of Greg Turner, Stacey McVey and Kenny Huff, dominated the field. Huff may have had an advantage. He has returned to Dallas after a stint as head pro for the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. He will head up the new Hank Haney facility at CityPlace, which will include a restaurant.

Tournament co-director of the tournament Robey Clark has daughters aged 13 and 14 who will attend Long and Woodrow next year. Along with Hill and Booster Club President Steve Waddill, Clark spearheaded the planning for the second annual event. According to Clark, flyers were mailed out in late January and by late March the tournament’s 152 slots were filled by enthusiastic players and sponsors for the Florida scramble format.

Brown, now a star split end and punt returner for the Los Angeles Raiders, invited several of his professional friends including Tim McKeyer, Mike McGruder, and the Cowboys’ Tony Casillas. But the purpose of the tournament, besides raising money which is to be split up according to an agreement between the booster clubs and the coaches, is to get the local community involved, particularly the athletic/scholastic community.

Also teeing it up for a good cause were Long Principal Al Harris and eight coaches from Woodrow Wilson. Clark thanked Lakewood Country Club President Garry Black and Club Manager Sally Rambo for the assistance and expertise in making the 1993 event an unqualified success and for their continued support of the golf team and student athletics at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Hill had four good reasons to create the tournament – his son Mac, a graduating senior who played football, tennis and baseball; daughter Mandy, a senior-to-be; son Mitchell, a 10th grade multi-sport athlete; and son Michael, who will attend Long next year.


Men – Low gross: 1. Greg Turner, Malcom Turner, Kenny Huff, Stacy McVey, 57; 2. Dick Hill, Richard Miller, James Labarba, Bob Bret, 58. Low net: 1. John Jackson, Chip Oswalt, John Reid, Steve Smith; 2. Daryl Mullin, Bryan Taylor, Herschel Sanders, Carl Scheiffer, 42.

Women – Low gross: 1. Mary Shaw, Peggy Berger, Rebecca Hittich, Jennie Lindop; 2. Holly Greef, Carlin Morris, Ginger Twichell, Diane Rogers.

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