Like the City of Dallas, I like to make big numbers and heavy data more digestible by breaking it down into parts (they call it phases, whatever). Yesterday I gave you a little rundown of the big plans the White Rock Conservancy, Dallas Parks Department, and other groups have for the city’s gem.

Today, I’ll touch on the top priority, East Lawther Trail and Parking Reconstruction, which is broken into three phases.

From the previous bond program, we have some money allocated —$1.8 million — for phase 1, which encompasses the area from Mockingbird Point to the Bath House Cultural Center. The total estimated cost for this phase is $3.8 million. The plan is to rebuild the existing trail, revamping parts that are unused and broken up (the stretch up the hill at Boy Scout Hill, for example) rather than building a new trail along the shoreline (as they did along the west side of the lake). Also in the Phase 1 plan: a pedestrian overpass from Mockingbird Bridge to Boy Scout Hill and native grassland designation for certain areas.

All three phases of the East Lawther Trail project will include parking lot improvements, new parking lots, and trail entry marker additions.

Phase 2 will encompass the area from the Bath House to Lake Highlands Drive. This phase includes improvements to the Big Thicket area — the building and playground will remain, but playground improvements, trail access and new picnic stations are in store. Phase 2 costs are estimated at $1.5 million and as yet there is no money allocated for it.

Phase 3 focuses on the area from Lake Highlands Drive to Emerald Isle, and it includes a planned sailing club parking zone near the Corinthian Sailing Club and boat ramp improvements. Estimated cost: $1.9. The groups and the City will need to come up with $7.2 million more to make this happen. Check in tomorrow for more about number two on the City/White Rock Conservancy priority list: “Stone Tables Restoration”.

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