Lounge Here: Winner Best Cocktails and Best Night Out

In our modern day culture of immediacy and convenience where chain restaurants, fast food and instant gratification are the norm, we find ourselves craving the out of the ordinary, the unique, the thoughtful destination. We want to feel adventurous and be treated special. And at HERE we aim to do just that.

The bar by Julie Doyle — co-founder, singer, manager of The Polyphonic Spree and an owner of local faves Good Records, and the swaggering, talented Hagfish drummer Tony Barsotti promises to “whisk guests away into another place and time."

Come relax and enjoy great food and cocktails at our little hidden gem in East Dallas. And for your listening pleasure, check out Songbird Sundays, 8-11pm. Don’t forget we have Happy Hour Specials every Tuesday through Friday, 4-7pm.