Lawrence Wright. Photography courtesy of

Texas Monthly recommends Woodrow Wilson graduate Lawrence Wright’s new novel “The End of October” in a list of the best Texas literature from 2020.

The book, which was released in April, describes a virus that originates in Asia and spreads around the globe. As the people of the world face supply shortages, lack of testing and stay-at-home orders, epidemiologists race to find a cure.

Sound familiar?

Texas Monthly reviewed it this way:

Most of the media coverage surrounding Lawrence Wright’s book “The End of October” had to do with Larry’s prescience in writing a novel about a deadly pandemic that came out just in time to shiver-read during a deadly pandemic. But I read it in manuscript a full year before I ever heard the word “coronavirus,” when I could admire it not for its eerie synchronicity but simply for its gripping storytelling.

Find “The End of October” on Amazon for $24.95.

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