belle nora

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The Belle Nora estate has not been deserted, and is soon to be in top shape, despite what some “nosey neighbors” think.

That’s what the owner of the 87-year-old home told Dallas Morning News columnist James Ragland last week.

For several years Forrest Hills residents and passers-by have grown concerned about the well-being of the estate.

Plywood has been placed over the windows and the front gate was broken and has become rusted in parts.

Appearances notwithstanding, the estate, purchased by David Anderson in 2011, is his “main residence.”

“This is not a public house,” Anderson says in the column. “It’s my personal house, my homestead residence. A lot of people are going on drive-by [looks] from the street.”

Amanda Chase, an assistant Dallas city attorney and community prosecutor for northeast Dallas, says that “the primary concerns were the structural issues that you could see from the highway.”

Just viewing the house from the road makes it look worse than it actually is, Anderson says. He goes on in the story to say that rain has delayed some of the work he’s planned for the home.

Anderson admits that work on the house needs to be done, but personal issues have made it difficult to focus on the house.  

Both of his parents, who he says in the story helped raise his daughter, have had major health issues since purchasing the home.

“So when it came to high weeds or shutters coming off  houses, yeah, I cared about it, but…” Anderson says.

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