Balcony Club

I stopped by Balcony Club above Lakewood Theater last night for the first time since it changed ownership in July.

For those who don’t know, last July, long-time owner Tommy Stanco handed the keys of the Balcony Club over to new owners, Teddy Davey and Bruce Richardson. Given the unstable standing of the club at the time, it was a bit of a challenge to find the momentum, but Richardson says the club is on the upswing.

Some major tweaks have been made to the venue, most noticeably being the stage, which was moved from the space near the door to the dead center of the room, leaving no doubt that music is the focus of the club. Also, the curved wall along the stairs leading to the bathroom has been removed, giving the room a more open feel. It has also been cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and other much-needed fixes.

The Balcony Club still manages to pull in at least two performances a day — always jazz during the evening show. You can view the weekly line-up on their Facebook page.

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