Lucky (10-112) Judy (10-106) Minelli (10-107) 7-14-10

This Sunday, August 8th Cafe Lago will host the "Ate-Ate" benefit for East Lake Pet Orphanage‘s "Three Amigos".

Minelli the Goat and Judy the Great Dane have had quite an adventure since they were first discovered at a wedding chapel in late June. East Lake Pet Orphanage’s rescue of Minelli and Judy made national headlines as did their heartbreaking separation as Minelli was taken into custody of the sheriff due to an obscure stray livestock law. In a fortunate turn of events, the media attention was seen by the owner who claimed Minelli and released her to the care of East Lake Pet Orphanage along with Lucky, a three legged Labrador who had been missing his escaped companions.

To ensure the three have a happy ending, local chef Gabriela Kovacic is hosting an event to raise funds for the medical treatment needed for the trio. Gabriela’s restaurant, Café Lago, will host an event she’s affectionately calling "Ate-Ate" on 8/8, because after all "that’s what goats do," she says. The party will be Sunday, Aug. 8th, 3 – 6 pm. A donation of $20 per person payable to East Lake Pet Orphanage includes a light buffet and cash bar, treats and raffle prizes, and an appearance by the famous trio. Café Lago is located at 9219 Garland Road, Suite 1102.

If you’re interested in adopting the trio, you can contact East Lake Pet Orphanage at 214-342-3100 or visit their website. However, according to Dr. Karen Fling of East Lake Pet Orphanage, "Before the trio can be adopted, they have extensive medical issues to attend to. We are embarking on the heartworm treatment, but there are additional medical issues the animals are facing, including skin treatments, dental issues and each of them needs to be spayed or neutered."

Photo: Lucky, Judy & Minelli, by Carolina Leiva, East Lake Pet Orphanage

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