I stopped by Art Custom Alterations in Mockingbird Central Plaza this weekend to have a couple pairs of pants hemmed. While I waited for a changing room, the owner lamented the recent loss of his second location, which turned out to be 600 square feet in Victory Park’s Lifestyle Fashion Terminal, or LFT.

He was given the space free, he said, and was the collection of designer shops’ on-site tailor until a few days ago when owner Ort Varona announced that the 17,000-square-foot store, the largest retailer in Victory Park, would close, according to a DMN story. Varona blamed the closing on the economic downturn, a "yet-to-mature trade area", and the inability to attract as many shoppers as tenants had expected.

I have strolled through LFT, looking at all the beautiful designer clothing and accessories and wondering, "Do that many people in Dallas truly have the money to shop here?"  I guess they don’t — or if they do, they’re taking their money elsewhere. The store has marked everything 25-55 percent off, and according to the Art Custom Alterations owner, will close on Dec. 31.

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