A roundup of news and notes that detail how the rest of the country world sees Dallas, but wouldn’t necessarily make it on the blog:

• People don’t want to live here, according to a survey by Businessweek.com. We were were tied for ninth with Miami – and behind Cleveland! – as the worst city in the country to live and work. The worst was New York City, which was also ranked as the best city to live and work. The respondents said they didn’t like Dallas’ people (our backgrounds, talents, and perspectives), our environment (climate, park space, natural resources), and our image.

• Even if they don’t want to live here, they still want to shop here. Maybe I don’t hang out in the right places, but I never see the people who are described in the video in the link.

• And our airports don’t get much respect, either. A Forbes study last summer found that DFW was fifth most time-draining airport in the country, ahead of Los Angeles and Atlanta and behind only Chicago’s O’Hare and the three New York City-area airports. DFW is second in the country in the most cancellations and delays caused by planes arriving late.

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