Read all the way through the lengthy story in Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, and there is significant news: We may have to look for another route for the Trinity toll road. The story, ostensibly, deals with the infamous Army Corps of Engineers report detailing levee safety in relation to the highway.

But in the 16th paragraph, a state official is quoted as saying that we can’t preclude looking for another route. And, in the 19th paragraph, a federal official says that one option for the highway is not building it at all. Ordinarily, I would now launch a clever and sophisticated rant about why this key information is in the story where most people won’t see it, but I’m so grateful for this kind of reporting (finally) that I’ll let it pass.

And the best part of the story? In the final paragraph of a very long story, the city official overseeing the toll road says building it is a risk, but “We’ve always been upfront, very upfront that this is at risk, and that something could happen at the end. But it was a risk we felt we needed to take.”

This is, of course, not what the highway’s supporters said. In fact, they ridiculed those of us who did say it. But who’s keeping track? If you are, after the jump, Mayor Park Cities assuring us all was safe, from volition at YouTube.

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