The March cover story on Dallas’ trail system pretty much sticks to those 8- and 12-foot paved pathways that neighbors use to hike and bike, safely out of reach of zooming vehicles (at least, for the most part). But what if runners and cyclists and even parents pushing strollers could do so safely on actual streets?

The idea behind "complete streets" is making room for everyone — pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and mass transit (including light rail and streetcars). This concept doesn’t currently exist in Dallas, but plans are in the works for a Katy Trail-Arts Loop that would connect the trail to Downtown via existing and planned complete streets. (This plan is briefly discussed in the Preston Hollow cover story.) City Councilman Angela Hunt and Friends of the Katy Trail executive director Eric Van Steenburg sat down with us to talk about this plan, and when and where else we might see complete streets here in Dallas.

To download or stream the podcast, click here. It’s roughly 15-16 minutes and 21 megabytes. After the jump, watch a video interview with the commissioner of the Department of Transportation in New York, which is attempting to turn all of their roads into complete streets:

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