We all know the drama that ensued over the Garland-Gaston-Grand redesign, so is it really a surprise that the juncture ended up on a poster of the worst intersections in Dallas?

Where most neighbors see frustration, artist Peter Gorman sees an opportunity to make art. In a series called Barely Maps, he highlights absurd traffic patterns in major cities across the country.

“Dallas has some great intersections, and like many other cities, it seems to come from a complicated history of competing urban plans,” Gorman told NBC affiliate, Channel 5. “I think people have pride in what makes their city unique, even when it’s a series of frustrating intersections. There’s also something about seeing them in a new, whimsical way.”

The notorious list includes not only the 3G intersection, but the jumble of roads at Munger Boulevard, Collette Avenue and Eastside Avenue, as well as Columbia Avenue, Carroll Avenue and Main Street. And who could forget the navigational nightmare at Exposition Avenue and Canton Street?

If you always want to remember the infamous 3G intersection before it’s redesigned, and the other intricate intersections, you can purchase the poster for $25 on Etsy.